howdy do amigas?
ive come to the conclusion i love asian dudes with tatts. *coughs*. why did it take me soo long to admit that jay elctronica is amazing. hip hop has finally been restored. Seriously, if i hear one more person(american) say the word "anal" in a casual conversation.. i will switch. Also, can just say jersey shore is the best thing since french toast. When was the last time you washed your balls, WOULD YOU BLOW YOURSELF? thai matic and currensy are my favourite new mc's. Versace is lenngggg. Why does my arse jingle like beyonce, i want a firm bum. Girls wearing lace weave in this summer.. *cries and stutters*.. i. have.soo.much.respect.for you. Why does p diddy's dance remind me of a drunk nigerian man at a wedding? in other news, i just had a bucket of plantain. Sweeeeet!

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