hey lovelies,
soooo as a person i think reckon im still pretty lovely and blindly optimistic. YES,i actually find myself annoying.Since ive been in america....ive had tea four times. PAR! my recklessnes is somethhing to be checked by a justin nozuka is awesome. yes, i just said "awesome". imagine me saying a californiaaaaaaan accent. awwww. what a beg i am but yer. im growing a "beer belly". my fear of commitment is still at 75% but its "ighht". the word "love" is very meechy to me. my whole youth has been a blur. yo gabba gabba is still the most mindfucked thing ive seen. in other news i just an advert involving a lizard in a cockney accent.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? worrying i tells ya.

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