Good times.

yo ..Wats crackaling?

well i just remebered i went underage festival..I loved it...well im a pure optimist soo knowing me l would have still loved it even just one person turned up and was absolutely minging and rude

obviously the highlights was defintely caspa & rusko,mystery jets,JME and santogold(actually santigold..she's changed her name due to some legal copyright but yehh it was cool ive seen soo many stylish kids ..i felt brought to b part of them..lool..i joke....
food was pricey(but kudos to corine for buying me the jerk chicken tho)...and i lost my phone aswellbut it was found by the hottest guy ever called Christian(he has the Pengest hair)

moving lastest crush is ash stymest...his a new british model..absolutely gorgeous...ultra skinny..but i wont complain :D

Oh.snaps. i just rembered @ the social ..2moro...its HARDKNOCK!!!!!
ITS A PRETTY DOPE PLACE, and bangs out a genuine mix of untainted underground music...dont b surprised if pharrell came wearing a wig and american apparrel dress..hahah

ohh no..i can see my cousins touching my clothes; in other words messing up my room..arghhh...ok i guesss thats a sign for me to go now...

WELL much love