we left our love in summer breeze 
you ran away and held my hand. 
we're back together in these thoughts 

maybe we can find someone else
something different in the skies
purple skies

(you don't belong here)

those hours are gone
i am disappearing
- and you keep on glaring
please leave this film today
or maybe in the morning? 
but will you love me with another warning 

Im trapped in the corner 
Im stuck in this shutter 
Im high on this mellow 
Im lost in this fielder 

first movers 
third lovers 

you rushed about my face again 
i dreamt about the way you cried 
got lost in the pipes 
i keep on wondering again 
about those stars 
you turned to yield 
you left the wind again 
- and your fickle friend. 

first movers 
third lovers

everything is not lost