Urmm soo this is a picture of my hand from about a year ago. Not soo insightful from the fact my hands still look like a naija grandmas which is pretty much awesome. YAAAY. my life... but i just had iced tea for the first time ever and im like soo excited. ITS SOOO NICE. WHY HAVEN'T I EVER TRIED IT BEFORE?? and the one im having is strawberyy..yummmmmmy and in the words of larry..'YES PLEASE' ... *jizz*
Its my day off from college and im just casssjjjually watching episodes of jeremy kyle that i skyplus-d like i have NO WORK TO DO. *nods head*...and to make matters more meechy. I HAVE NOT BATHED because im cool like that..yeah say something blud?? huh?? silllly.

Well, i did a to do this, which i feel it'll be nice to share with you guys, sooo if im falling on track. you can be like 'funmi, remember on your blog, you said you want to be a pirate blah di blah'...that kinda shizzz. soo here it is.

  • To finish all college work (at a exceptional standard) before the deadline which is 31st of may.
  • To shoot more beardy boys.
  • To sort out my hair.
  • Learn Hieroglyphics
  • Get the t + j trailer shot asap.
  • Follow my quest to be a pirate.
  • Write more poems shizzzzz.
  • Get a ukulele.
  • Exercise more.
+ plus others which i'll just keep to myself. LOLZ.