“Lil Wayne has pleaded guilty to attempted weapon possession, and expects to receive a one-year jail sentence. He previously had pleaded not guilty to illegal gun possession charges that carried at least 3 1/2 years in prison upon conviction. His trial had been due to start Jan. 20."
LITTLE LITTLE WAYNE!!!! Next when you carry a gun make sure its not loaded..jheeez you know your not one for prison and ure sheltered ways.Come on your bloody addicted to mayple syrup!!Yup everyone...his addicted to syrup.. which is probably like baby syrub but just with a hint of crack and cinnamon.Soo mr wayne when you do go prison; you’ll have to keep a low profile know.considering you've already publictly admitted to being a BOWCAAAAAAAAAATTTT.which is not a bad ting *wink* but yehh as i was saying...also in jail please pick up the soap..cuz i know how u do roll them ways sometimes.and its rather good cardio exercise aswell.But on the bright side while you’re away you can develop as person,write songs like t.i.,lil kim the lists goes and then when you come out..You’ll have something to tell the world and your many baby mommas..POOR LAUREN LONDON. Im sure she’s already linking Common..i heard he fancied her #par
Anyways have a Ball in the block and ill miss ure many autotune based songs..Seriously i will...


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