Vice magazine is like the annoying brother i never had.

Vice magazine are amazing..just in they're pure sillness and sarcasm ..
Basically they interviewed up and coming illustrator mimi leung and all the girl wanting to do was talk about her exhibition and work and watsnots but this was how the interview went ...

VICE:How about this,though?Would you eat a piece of your crap for £1,000?MIMI LEUNG:hope i wouldnt ever eat shit-anyone's shit
VICE:Hang on,but would you rather eat a piece of your own crap for £1,000,drink a mug of your own puke for £1,000,or drink a pint of somebody else's sweat for £5,000? You HAVE to choose one.
MIMI LEUNG: Which would you choose?

VICE:Depends how broke i was.
MIMI LEUNG:How come you get five times as much for someone else's sweat?

VICE:Because it's a stranger's sweat.But it's guaranteed disease free.MIMI LEUNG:Hmmm, would i get to pick which stranger?

VICE:Er,no.Its a mystery stranger,like strangers are usually are.MIMI LEUNG:Hmmm.OK then, ill drink the pint of sweat for £5,000.

VICE:Ewwww Mimi.You would drink a pint of a strangers's sweat for £5,000.You are digusting.
MIMI LEUNG:Its less textural than the other two options

VICE:How would you feel now that you've drunk it ans i told you the sweat came from a gross swearing rapist who'd murdered loads of old grannies? Are you happy with your blood money now?
MIMI LEUNG:I'd tell tell you to fuck off.I'd have to give it to the family of the victims of this mystery stranger's crimes and ofcourse the victims.
What would you do?

VICE:I think i would drink the mug of puke.MIMI LEUNG:What if you had to eat your own shit first?

VICE:How much?My own or that of a stranger?
MIMI LEUNG:Your own.

VICE:There's no bonus £500 for the double whammy of puke and shit?MIMI LEUNG:OK,yeah, you can have an extra £500.

VICE:Sure then.NO big deal.

the poor girl didnt even get to plug her work to thousands of readers..hahaha
but illustrations are actually quite cute.

check out her out:

or to just visit my annoying brother vice for silly interviews and respectable photos