SuperSuper Lfw Party

yo bluds? wats crakaling?.....(my attempt to be a G) lol nehoo

I went to the supersuper London Fashion Week Party on Tuesday
it was held at the most sort after club in soho uno 'PUNK' I arrived in my luella dress.PAR!!!!

well my opinion of the part was it was filled WITH LOADS of attention seeking old twats....but thats fashion world for you..
the music was actually great //drumnbass//dubstep..blah blah (the dj was kinda fit aswell)
the vibe was post-punk-post-hiphop-psychadelic but thats what supersuper goes for

wish we had pictures but billa lost his camera n stuff
check out his flickr though its pretty lovely
but it was pretty good...never-ending amount of booze being offered in which I ACTUALLY didnt drink