well..this is me

1. I have commitment -phobia
2. I go starbucks every wednesdays..always hot chocoate and chocolate muffin :)
3. I always think the smaller the ring the more precious it is.
4. I have 2 blue normal jeans the rest of my jeans are skinnies .
5. A glass of champagne is enough to get me drunk :D
6.I always feel loved by the people around me :/
7. I miss being young when you can just JUMP around and play in the mud without a care.
8.Gigs&Festivals make me happy.
9.I hate the thought of dying alone or just living in the world alone.
10.Sometimes the world becomes a blur to me
11. I love people with Ginger hair!!! no one should ever be discriminated by hair colour..thats just stupid :P
12.My Black Mac Jacket is the shizzle(lol)!!!!!!
13. I wish i had a younger brother but oo well :D
14. I do believe everyone is beautiful inside out :)
15.I drink water everyday/every minute like excessively but its alll good :)

wise words from the wise men